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The Toon Factory Collection

Here is a collection of vector art that's never been offered. All original art by John Deaton. The sample to the left contains just a small part of whats in the collection. These can be used in many projects such as signs, banners, digital printing, stickers and decals, t-shirts, mugs and other projects. The only thing you can't do is resell the images or share them. A licensing statement will be included with the files in the collection. These will be offered only for a short time so get yours today. All full color and scalable to any size. You can take parts of one piece and put it with parts of another piece to make something new. The sample to the left only contains a small portion of what is in the collection.  These are perfect for sign shops and digital print shops. Click the paypal link below to purchase. After purchase your files will be sent to you via email link. 

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Click to see all the art in the collection

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