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There are several scammers on Facebook that are masquerading as me or my business in order to scam people out of money for artwork. They take the money and immediately block you. THIS IS NOT ME! If you contact me through this website or through my email, you are dealing with the real John Deaton and Toon Factory. I will not scam you. I am sorry this is happening and have contacted the agencies to try and get it stopped. This is happening to many artists of all types and is not only taking peoples money for nothing, but hurting our businesses as people are hesitant to deal with anyone else. 

These people have no ethics or scruples and don't care who they affect as long as they get free money for doing nothing. Don't be scammed. As I said, if you contact me through this site, you are dealing with me and not with any scammer. I all contact you back and talk to you by phone also if necessary. 
I appreciate everyone that hires me to do work and I hope I can continue to do so. Take care everyone. :)


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This is one of the scammers. If you notice the art has my name on it, but his name on the page. Aminu S Arzika. All the art he has on that page is mine that he lifted from my facebook page. Don't be fooled by these fools. Contact me through this page and you know you are getting the real John Deaton's Toon Factory.


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